VUCX - Study "Einfach frisch"




For a well-known German supermarket chain VUCX was commissioned to conduct a study for a own-label range, that is meeting the need for a new level of quality at great prices. The products were supposed to replace those in its existing “basics” range of vegetables and fruits.

We applied Design Thinking to the project – starting with a research phase (interviews, focus groups, customer intercepts, observations, etc.) to gain deep understand of our target customer, to see what they do, hear how they talk, feel what they feel. Based on a research we gained insights to develop a design with a strong customer centric approach.

A first task was to give the range a name – launching a product or company with the right name is critical. The name should support product/brand positioning, drive differentiation vs. competition, and ideally attract target customer for the range.

After starting the ideation process we developed prototypes for a new packaging – testing prototypes with customer groups and redefining after feedback in iterative loops, we achieved to design a new and fresh colour-coded packaging for a better action at a distance and a higher awareness for the range at the POS. The minimalistic design with the name „EINFACH FRISCH“ is up to the level of quality and freshness of the product range at great prices.