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Ella & Witt is a German start-up manufacturing high-quality vegan shoes and fashion accessories. The company has its products manufactured in Portugal and takes great care to ensure that all product elements are really vegan, from the outer material to the adhesive. Ella & Witt uses environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The task was to develop a Corporate Design as part of the Corporate Identity that represents the brand as a modern fashion label. At the same time, the company's vegan background was to be taken up without presenting it in a striking way.

VUCX has abstracted the initial letters of Ella & Witt and combined them graphically in such a way that together they form a "V", which is used as a signet in the logo. The word mark "Ella & Witt" and the claim "Vegan Fashion" complete the logo and clearly represent the name and the type of company.

The company's namesake, the goose Ella and the cow Mrs. Witt from Weidetiere Zons, a project for distressed grazing animals, were also integrated into the design: For the packaging materials of the shoe boxes, a pattern based on Ella's footprints and Mrs Witt's hoof prints has been developed.

The range of colors selected picks up soft natural tones such as sand, vintage green, nude and taupe. These are combined with the base colors off white and light black or spot colors gold and silver. In its elegant clarity, the sans serif typo represents the brand's aspiration to quality and design.


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