fonial GmbH - Web Development & CMS




fonial is a German provider of cloud based telecommunication systems. They received a comprehensive backend system from the VUCX digital team, built using the symfony framework (admin layer and business logic). In order to comfortably provide the configuration, customer management and monitoring of all activities to the customer, this highly specialized system was developed from the ground up in close collaboration with the customer.

symfony provides a high performance platform and allows for flexible and powerful applications to be developed quickly and efficiently. It also ensures a high industrial standard of dependability and security. The system manages and processes thousands of entries of highly sensitive user data, billing information and complex configuration settings for every single voice over IP system sold.

The fonial customer facing site for was developed by VUCX based on an existing web design provided by fonial. The focus for the digital team was the user-friendly implementation of complex processes and settings for the telephone systems. During the development period, VUCX installed a communication and bug-tracking platform, which helped to speed up the approval processes.

Congratulations to fonial on their ever-growing customer base. We look forward to continuing to support them in further development of new functionalities and system-updates.