Schneider Electric GmbH - Commercial "Beautiful Smoke"




For the product launch of its new generation of Argus fire detectors, Merten needed an animation video to be presented on fairs, for digital communication and for use as PR tool. 

Merten already had conceptualized a storybook when they got in touch with us. While researching the subject of fire detection and finding ways to visualize the Merten idea, it became clear to VUCX, that a different approach would be much more interesting: instead of showing dramatic fire scenes and their victims, VUCX wanted to raise awareness for the danger of fire in a visually less repelling and aesthetically more pleasing way so it better fits Mertens high level of design. 

Therefore, besides working out the Merten storybook, VUCX presented the new, more abstract storybook idea “Beautiful Smoke“ and was also responsible for the realization of the clip.