AstraZeneca - Product Video




By order of the agency Angela Liedler VUCX created a product video for the medicament Seroquel Prolong of global company AstraZeneca. Seroquel Prolong is an antipsychotic to tread schizophrenia and manic episodes of patients with bipolar disorder.

After conceptual suggestions by the agency Angela Liedler VUCX realized the whole production of the sensitive and informative spot: Director and head of VUCX Erçin Filizli directed the spot in Berlin. The complete post production was done by Sascha Gritz and Tony Tobold at the VUCX headquarter in Cologne.

Harmony vs. Disharmony
Three harmonizing jazz-musicians that turn disharmonic under certain circumstances symbolize the interaction between a bipolar disordered human psyche and the effectiveness of the medicament.

Also in cooperation with the agency Angela Liedler VUCX has shot a few film sequences for the German Seroquel homepage, which visualizes the mood swings of people with bipolar disorder.

After the concept was figured out by VUCX and the agency Angela Liedler it was given the name “The long way”. Again it was Erçin Filizli who directed the sequences.

“ The long way” doesn’t need any kind of production design. All you see is an actress in front of a white background. Style, gesture and mimic articulate the different moods of bipolar disordered people and the balancing effect of the antipsychotic.