2pm / Haniel - Television Film




The film „Haniel 1756 until 2006. A chronicle in moving images.“, which was produced on behalf of the Haniel Enterprise and the Agency 2pm, is showing the most important stages of the 250 years of company history in 80 minutes. All effects have been planned and implemented by VUCX. Managing Director Erçin Filizli was Director as well as Creative Directive in this ambitious project.

At the European Masterclass Competition 2006 the film could prevail over the strong competition (e. g. films from EADS, Daimler Chrysler, Bayer AG, Audi) and was awarded as Best Film with the European Master of Excellence Award. Receiving the highest point score of all entries, the film received the following awards: Master of Excellence, Best Medis Concept, Jury Award for Outstanding Achievements.

In the focus of the film is the old stack house, in which todays Holding has its origin. Today the stack house is still part of the company headquarters in Duisburg, and was some years ago rebuilt to be the new company museum.

Even with many parts of the interior still being in its original condition, parts of the former offices and living rooms had to be built, as the premises of the stack house did not offer enough space to shoot  the elaborate scenic elements of the film. Therefore it was a logical conclusion to combine the construction of the facade and the essential set constructions of the interiors. Like this changing weather and lighting conditions could be avoided, and the majority of locations was under control.

Still outdoor shootings were necessary, for example for a ship naming ceremony, a smuggler tour at the lakeside or scenes at a castle in Westfalen. Here the arbitrariness of the weather caused a cold and snow-covered shooting, which was on the other hand rewarded with authentic pictures.