Flaconi - Commercial




VUCX created the new TV spot for the online shop of the perfumery Flaconi mainly with the help of Motion Graphics. Where the former Flaconi spot worked with testimonials to explain the advantages of Flaconi, the new spot uses the visualised key elements lead time, variety of product range and online-shop.

The spot adapts the Flaconi logo and works with the petals from the logo as recurrent theme, which also gets the audience into the mood for springtime.

Bjoern Kolbmueller, CEO Flaconi GmbH: „The team at VUCX conviced us with a creative concept which explains our USPs in a prestigious way."

Before launch Flaconi ran an impact study which showed that the new spot ideally coveys the values of Flaconi.

The new spot went on air on 03/28/13 on Pro7, SAT1, kabel eins and RTL2.