Kunto Sangmo - Cinema Spot




The Cinematic Spot „Dignity“ produced by VUCX received the Global Award 2008.

The Global Awards, which are awarded in New York, honor the worldwide best Communication Campaigns in the public health sector. „Dignity“ was produced 2008 in Berlin under the direction of Michael Schorr, who is known for his Biennale winning film „Schultze gets the Blues“ (2003).

Under the theme „The last moments in life should be more beautiful“ Schorr paints a gloomy picture of a dying scene in the life of a lonesome old woman. The spot is asking for a dignified farewell and is meant to collect funds for the hospice „Kunto Sangmo“.

„Dignity“ already won the Comprix 2008 Gold Award for VUCX. Managing Director Erçin Filizli is proud to have Michael Schorr on his team: „Michael is perfectly complementing our cross media competence. For us it is important to unite innovate talents in our creative pool.“