selectNY / Puma Fragrances - 3D Animation "Urban Motion"




In the commercial for PUMA's Urban Motion Fragrances VUCX took care of the 3D Animations of the flacons. The commercial was broadcasted on TV and also on the PUMA Homepage.

The animation of the flacon resulted from a corporate film VUCX realized in 2008 by order of the European Headquarter of Procter & Gamble in Geneva.

VUCX was ordered to visualize the new flacons. This, of course, required the consideration of the new fragrances urban and dynamic style. In a first step the CAD-files had to be optimized into a clean polygon model. After this approximation VUCXs 3D departement determined the characteristics of the glass of two flacon dummies and realized the coloration on basis of the given Keyvisuals.

Creative Cooperation with SelectNY

In creative cooperation with the executive agency SelectNY in Hamburg and New York a TV-clip was created that addresses the young target group perfectly. The clip shows an urban dancing battle: Boys vs. girls, black vs. red, PUMA Urban Motion Man vs. PUMA Urban Motion Woman. The flacons VUCX animated dance and circle around each other just as smooth as the hip dance queens and trendy breakdancers. Dancers, flacons and animations show a fluidity of the movement that is dynamic and sensual at the same time.