Koninklijke Auping - Powernapper




As a sponsor of the fashion event "le bloc" in Cologne, Auping, the Dutch bedding and mattress manufacturer, was looking for a cross-media campaign to present the company and its focus on design and sustainability to the Cologne fashionistas.

In the run-up to the event there was a photo shoot in the Auping production facilities for the fashion magazine komo, that appears shortly before le bloc and is the accompanying magazine for the event. The result was a complete photo series in a cool, industrial set-up.

For the event itself, which covers the entire Belgian Quarter in Cologne, a pavilion in the form of a bedroom was built in the middle of the city. Visitors could use this bedroom for a photo shoot - and take part in a competition. By posting their phot together with the hashtags "Powernapper" and "Auping" on Facebook or Instagram by they could win a trip to Maastricht with overnight stay in Auping beds in the Kaboom Hotel.

As a further measure, a promotion team distributed cotton backpacks with the imprint "powernapper" and corresponding competition cards. The cards referred to the photo campaign, in which those interested could still participate after the event, and included an additional competition with prizes such as pillows, duvets and bed linen.